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Mission Statement

Long Preston Parish Council is fully committed to protect, maintain and enhance the community within the Parish.


1) Maintain and improve the council owned land, buildings and parish amenities, acquire as appropriate additional land or buildings, Continue to build financial reserves to achieve these objectives with the over riding aim of getting value for money on each and every parish council project

2) Consult with residents and organisations to enhance the life of our community abd ti enable an involved, empowered and active citizenship through community involvement, reaching out to hard to reach groups and seeking the views of young people.

3) improve our internet facilities and develop a parish council web site detailing all council services and activities

4) Obtain Quality Council status.

5)Work closely with the District and County Council Planning Departments on all planning matters and carefully monitor such applications.

6) To ensure that the Parish Council has relevant and up to date policies to cover inter alia:- Social media and dispensations; Budgetary; Communiactions; Contracts; Environment and planning; Asset accumulation and planning and Stakeholder review

7)To raise the image and reputation of the Parish Council through:- inviting residents to be acttively involved at our meetings; encourage usage of the web site; provision of a newsletter in hard copy and online; to issue press releases covering the activities of the parish council and to set up a regular clinic for the public to meet with the parish council members.

ACTION PLAN 2015 – 2019

First thing to be done is to issue a village wide questionnaire to establish priorites and strategy re the action plan

The below are examples of potential actions.

1) .Register all parcels of parishg Council owned land at the Land registry

2) Identify and utilize for the public benefit all area’s of Parish council land and common land

3) Develop and implement an Environmental policy

4) Create a register of parish council assets and create a prioritized system for their upkeep and renewal

5) Consider the provision of allotments and car parks for the Village

6) Establish and agree a budgetary reserves policy

7) Consider in conjunction with the appropriate authorities facilities for the youth, and consider with Craven District Council facilities for the elderly.

8) Consider what inititiatives the Parish Council can introduce to promote tourism to the Village

9) Establish a volunteer group prepared to introduce computers and the internet to the elderly residents in the community.

10) Review and identify financial projects in order of preference and the policy for financial reserves.

11) Review the potential for Affordable Housing

12) Decide whether to put properties forward for inclusion on the Community assets register

13) Support groups and organisations whose activities enhance community life.

14) Get value for money contracts in place to maintain parish council assets.

15) Consider the future of the playing fields 16) Consider traffic control measures

17) Consider the renewal of the street lighting 18) Consider the provision of benches

19) Consider the provision of social/village orientate events ie: Sports events, Halloween / Bonfire Night ,Village Street/ Green Party, Children’s events, Village History, duck races, Walks / Rambles, Christmas / Santa’s Grotto

the council


Marijke Hill (Clerk)

4 Penny Green | Settle
BD24 9BT


Cllr Nick Tyrer (Chairman)

Cllr Nick Tyrer (Chairman)

Ingle House | 23 Main Street | Long Preston
BD23 4ND

Cllr Andy Kay (Vice-chairman)

Cllr Andy Kay (Vice-chairman)

Gelndair | Ribble Terrace | Long Preston
BD23 4PT

Cllr John Goodall

Cllr John Goodall

3 Devonshire Place | Long Preston
BD23 4NE

Cllr Paul Moorley

Cllr Paul Morley

16 Ribblesdale Estate | Long Preston
BD23 4RD

Cllr John Sturgess

Cllr John Sturgess

28 Main Street | Long Preston
BD23 4PH

Cllr John Sturgess

Cllr David Inglis

13 Ribblesdale Estate | Long Preston
BD23 4RD

You can see the register of interests for the members of Long Preston Parish Council here

in the news


We are pleased to announce that Mrs Marijke Hill has been appointed to the above position whilst normal application processes continue.

Please address any queries to the Council via the clerk as follows:

Telephone – 01729 823723

Post – 4 Penny Green, Settle, BD24 9BT

E-mail – clerk@longprestonpc.org.uk

CHAIRMAN’S CHAT – April 2016

Workload high – message short.

Work on Moor Lane has far exceeded the 8 days that was displayed on the notice of closure.

This is actually the best news we could have. The Highways engineers found the true extent of the problems for themselves and have now put in a substantial set of repairs that will take much more punishment. They may even add a tar spray to finish the job off. I do not know what will be done with the ditches and how much jetting of drains will be done – will report next time.

The National Park seems to be making decisions which closely follow their stated strategies and policies as they have just refused an application adjacent to the Baptist Churchyard which would have had a big impact in a sensitive area of the village and would have compromised the published views on several aspects of their overall planning guidelines.

Time flies and my next job is to write the report for 2015/16 to present to the Annual Parish Meeting, 2 years and halfway through our term of office.

Time flies faster for the Queen though, and if anyone wants to get involved with her 90th birthday please contact Paul Morley, who is co-ordinating the event which will hopefully involve a Grand Lighting of the beacon . (Don’t forget to drool over the new tarmac as you go up Moor Lane to see it!)

John Goodall