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Development at Green Gate Lane

The Council discussed this matter at the meeting on 5th Sept. Here are some of the thoughts which we think are relevant.

  • The site is designated by North Yorkshire Dales as building land, that will not change, so development is going on there at some point
  • There is already outline planning permission, again granted by the Dales Authority, for a development of housing on the site. That permission had attached to it a large number of conditions.
  • The Highways Dept. of North Yorkshire CC, raised no issues as to the roadway use or vehicular access to the site at the outline planning stage.
  • The properties are for a mix of shared ownership and renting , this is a major consideration in the Dales Authority thinking , as they are legally bound to bring forward plans for such schemes

The Parish Council has never thought this is a good location to develop as housing, but that argument has long since been lost.

The size of the development ,in the Councils opinion, will overstretch  the road as far as traffic is concerned, both during construction and after, but we have a highways department that seems to think otherwise.

The Council is deeply concerned with the construction process, as to its impact on usage of School Lane. There are conditions already in place as to what, where and when should be moved along School Lane and the Maypole Green area. The Council can only try to see that these conditions are met, it can not say, for instance, “well they wont do it will they”, this is not a valid objection in the rules of planning applications.

The Council will be raising these issues and putting in some objections to the plans, but it must be remembered these have to be on material grounds, not what might happen to the development or its houses in the future. Any member of the public can send an objection in as well(that cut off date will have passed if you are reading this in the Parish Mag) , and the more that do, the greater the weight they have.

Nobody thinks the development is , in itself, a bad thing, affordable housing in the Dales is badly needed. Whether this development delivers that in the long term , well only time will tell.

Development,of any sort is seen by Governments as a good thing, this is enshrined in the planning procedures and will happen.The final decision will be made by the Dales Authority Planning people, if it gets the go ahead the village can be sure the Parish Council will do its best to make sure all conditions laid on the developers are carried through, especially when it comes to the safety of the children.

The above is from the personal recollections of issues raised at the Council meeting, and is not the official minutes of the Council Meeting.

Mary Brierley





Next Council Meeting :

2nd May 2019

Upstairs room Village Hall

Meeting starts 7:30,

Members of the public welcome to attend, the first 15mins of the meeting are open for the public to raise any issues of concern.




Long Preston Parish Council has decided to leave the Parish Precept the same as last years. What that amount of money is, and how it is spent will, in general terms, appear here shortly.

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