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A Public meeting will be held at Long Preston Village Hall on Wednesday March20th at 7-00pm.
This is to tell people what actions can be done to try and make Hellifield Flashes an area of Local Green Space, This is NOT a meeting to discuss the Planning Application  for the Flashes , its to tell people what Craven Council are trying to do to protect that area. All are welcome.


There is to be a Public Meeting on the plans for the holiday complex held by  the Planning Committee, this  is a  special meeting to be held at Gargrave Village Hall on March 25th at 2-45pm.

Councillor Chris Moorby will be speaking at this meeting and if you have any comments you wish to raise it my be better to get in touch with him , as he can speak for a much longer period of time than others can.

This is probably the most controversial issue that has come before the planning committee in a great number of years and as you may be aware this is causing great concerns for the people of both Long Preston and Hellifield.

If you keep an eye on the planning portal of the CDC web site then the papers appertaining to the plans will appear any day now.

Even though this planning application is due to be decided on this date and the decision is to refuse the development, then no doubt the developer will go to appeal but if this land in the meantime is designated Local Green Space it will make development very difficult in the future.

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Last years’ lights were a hurried affair and I hope we can do better this year.

The Parish Council has agreed to put £1000 in towards renewals and repairs, so that’s a start.

However there is a lot to do, a new electric supply is needed to replace the one on the Rohan shop, and it has been suggested this is moved to the Village Hall, which would give us a more manageable supply. The electrical box which powers the lights around Maypole Green is also in need of replacement.

It is impractical to light the Christmas Tree with mains power , every year its an issue, so this year we will go to battery lights and have many more! Also there is a suggestion to move the tree to the small Green in front of the Village Hall, it can be seen from the road there and if we also have lights on the Hall , this can be the focal point of the display.

The Main Green needs new lights and the lanterns need rewiring and reattaching to the trees. We could also put a tree in the old spot, or something else?

The Maypole illumination has once again shown how hard it is to erect and get down, perhaps a new idea , involving less damn hard work is needed. A suggestion has been made to just run lights down from the “scrolls” to poles on the ground, if we use low voltage lights there would be no hazard.

We need a switching on ceremony , I was so sorry that last year we had no time to get this organised. We need to make the Village Hall the centre and if we can organise this to coincide with the Xmas Fayre so much the better.

If anybody has any thoughts, good , bad or why are we bothering, then please let us know, its a lot of effort to get it right and we need to know how the village thinks. or or leave a comment on the website

Hope this keeps people up to date as to what we have in mind.

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Next Parish Council Meeting

Friday 5 th April 2019 at 7.00pm,  venue as usual Upstairs

followed by the

Annual Parish Meeting at 8.00pm; venue in the Main Room,

both meetings to be held in the Village Hall.



Long Preston Parish Council has decided to leave the Parish Precept the same as last years. What that amount of money is, and how it is spent will, in general terms, appear here shortly.

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